In search of Mirza Ghalib In search of Mirza Ghalib

In search of Mirza Ghalib

Ganesh Vancheeswaran visits the pre-eminent 19th-century Urdu-Persian poet's house and resting placeRead More »
The Old Man and his Faith The Old Man and his Faith

The Old Man and his Faith

The story behind Mumbai’s Jewish connection. And how Masjid Bunder railway station got its name. ___Read More »
Luxury by the sea – a review of Old Lighthouse Bristow Hotel, Fort Kochi. Luxury by the sea – a review of Old Lighthouse Bristow Hotel, Fort Kochi.

Luxury by the sea - a review of Old Lighthouse Bristow Hotel, Fort Kochi.

Picture this. A British engineer is brought to India from London, on the express commission of buildRead More »
The Lighthouse Effect The Lighthouse Effect

The Lighthouse Effect

I have a thing for the past. And the ‘paster’, the better. Events, buildings, houses, towns, things,Read More »
Life on the edge Life on the edge

Life on the edge

They say life on the edge is always exciting. Even exhilarating. Laced with fear. For a long time I Read More »

Windmills Craftworks – Review of a brewpub

The place is not what I expected. For one, the building looks somewhat monolithic and looks like it houses the headquarters of a company. Stepping into the pub on the 6th floor (or is it the 7th?), I am taken ...

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Will Chumki turn the tables on her luck?

Lesley Biswas' story pulls the reader into the universe of its characters. It will take your child on a happy ride. _____________________________________________________________________________ Have you been a little child who was teased and taunted by others? Have you had to bear the burden ...

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An insider’s guide to the Margazhi festival in Chennai

How you can experience the unique annual festival of Carnatic music and classical dance. This story first appeared in Conde Nast Traveller on December 16, 2016. ( Bombay Jayshri (aka Bombay Jayshri Ramnath) (center) sings with her ensemble during a Carnatic music concert.  The ...

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Marine history: Chennai to Kannur

Learning about seafaring traditions, playing on the beach, and visiting a fort built by the Portuguese. This story first appeared in Mint on July 27, 2017 under the section 'Weekend Vacations'. _______________________________________________________________________________ Fisherfolk unloading the catch of the day at Thottada beach. The lady ...

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Going Dutch in Galle

This story first appeared in Khaleej Times on November 17, 2017. European influence, strong maritime connections and relaxed vibes make this Sri Lankan city a winner. 'Parawa Street' - proclaims the name board. It intrigues me, because I can't understand what it ...

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The Old Delhi food trail – Part 1

Hidden in the labyrinthine lanes of Old Delhi are some of the best food spots of the city. They are high on history, taste and atmosphere. ________________________________________________________________________________ The mere mention of Old Delhi conjures up vivid images of a crowded bazaar (traditional ...

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L'Antica in the French Quarter of Pondicherry

I wrote this on 1 March, 2019. Coming to Pondicherry after 3 years, I find that the French quarter is home to many more pizzerias than ever before! There is one on every other street, its cozy interiors welcoming hungry souls in. We ...

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Conversations are the new mixers

Float Brewery is a lovable new entrant to Kalyan Nagar in north-east Bangalore. I wrote this on 20 March, 2019. ____________________________________________________________________________ I did expect to have a good time Sunday evening, but I didn't expect to have THIS good a time. The launch of the ...

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A simple lunch on a country road

I wrote this on 2 March, 2019. ___________________________________________________________________________ One of the joys of eschewing the highway and taking interior roads is the chance of discovering small, basic restaurants serving tasty local food. Which is why we took the Chengam-Tiruvannamalai road to Pondy. We ...

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A new neighbourhood joint

I wrote this on 20 March, 2019. _________________________________________________________________________ Ever since Pooja Dosa Camp came to Kasturi Nagar, it has been a hit! Probably because it serves authentic Tamilnadu style food in an area filled with Darshinis and Sagars. This place is small, ...

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A food walk in Basavanagudi

I wrote this on 21 April, 2018. _____________________________________________________________________________ I visited Basavanagudi a few days ago - after perhaps 8 years. Since I live in the Eastern part of town, Basavanagudi doesn't come up on my radar at all. But for a long ...

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Tandoori momos, anyone?

I wrote this on 22 October, 2018. ______________________________________________________________________________ I was taken aback when I first heard this term. My sister was taking us around the market area in Govindpuri in Delhi, when she asked us this question. At first, the term did ...

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