Conversations are the new mixers

Float Brewery is a lovable new entrant to Kalyan Nagar in north-east Bangalore.

I wrote this on 20 March, 2019.


I did expect to have a good time Sunday evening, but I didn’t expect to have THIS good a time.

The launch of the menu of summer cocktails at Float Brewery in Kalyan Nagar turned out to be as heady as the evening breeze in summer. The invitees were all people who know their food and drink, and who appreciate a mellow sundowner or two. Or five.

What elevated the party to a different pitch were the engaging conversations I had with the others. To me, the conversations at this party were akin to great mixers. By infusing distinct and memorable flavours and aromas into the party, they handed me a wonderful cocktail of an evening.

Float is a relatively recent entrant to Bangalore’s pubbing scene. The terrace is perfect for the evenings, while the air-conditioned indoors are just the place for hot afternoons. I can see myself visiting Kalyan Nagar more often, from now on.

Of the cocktails served, I loved the Jager Mule, Capri Water and Blue Tematangi the most. Bramble, I realised, is an acquired taste.

The finger food accompanying the cocktails did not, thankfully, have fancy names. They were interesting variations of classics and won on taste. From the vegetarian section, Parmesan Cheese puffs and Coriander Polenta cakes were my picks.

With their humility, smiles and dedication, Robin and Karan lit up the bar. Chef Vivek Salunkhe ensured that we kept getting an endless supply of wonderful food. Robin, Karan and Vivek – hat tip to you guys and to your efficient wait staff.

Suresh and Rupa, thank you very much.

My other friends, it was great meeting you!

Given the great conversations we were having, I had little time or inclination to take great photos. So, this is the best I have.

Note: I went to Float on invitation and did not pay for the food and drink. I have written this post of my own free will.

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