L'Antica in the French Quarter of Pondicherry

I wrote this on 1 March, 2019.

Coming to Pondicherry after 3 years, I find that the French quarter is home to many more pizzerias than ever before! There is one on every other street, its cozy interiors welcoming hungry souls in.

We were walking along Mission Street looking for a place to lunch in, when we spotted this joint. We were actually heading somewhere else, but the heat was maddening and our feet, wobbly.
In we dove therefore and 20 minutes later, found these in front of us. A medium pizza fetched us a small one free, hahaha.

Made in a wood-fired oven, each pizza was a succulent circle of cheese and vegetables, ringed by a crisp thin crust. The pizzas were biggish, the cheese fresh and the toppings, generous. As always, my family gave up along the way and it was left to me to finish them off.

L’Antica opened to customers three months ago. If you are looking for superb pizza and pasta in this part of town, you should check this out.

L’Antica on Mission Street, French Quarter, Pondicherry.

Note: I paid for this meal from my wife’s pocket! 😀







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