Tandoori momos, anyone?

I wrote this on 22 October, 2018.


I was taken aback when I first heard this term. My sister was taking us around the market area in Govindpuri in Delhi, when she asked us this question. At first, the term did not make sense, because it seemed to combine two starkly different styles of cooking: tandoori being robustly Punjabi and momos reflecting the softer influence of Tibetan/North-eastern cooking.

Which is why I let out a mild gasp when I saw this. We waited about 15 minutes for our half-plate of tandoori veg momos, but polished it off in exactly 2 minutes before ordering another half-plate!

A half-plate comes for Rs. 30 and has six momos.

Steamed momos are deep-fried before being skewered and roasted on coals. Liberal quantities of Mayo, Maggi masala paste and another masala paste are applied on the momos to make them the riot they are.

This HAS to be my ‘find of the trip’. I can’t wait to go back. In a wild moment, I may even book my tickets only for this. 

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